Autocontrol Guitar Chords



Formed by Peruvian natives Jorge Baglietto and Víctor Arturo Barrientos, the New York-based rock en español outfit Autocontrol debuted in 1987 with the release of Sueños, featuring their first hit "Por Tu Amor." After Víctor Barrientos established himself as a Latin music producer and Jorge Barrientos released a collection of his compositions titled Remembranzas, they teamed up once again to join the Watcha Tour on August 23, 2000. Soon after, Autocontrol started working on their follow-up record, ...Y No Estas. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi
Genres: peruvian rock

Guitar Chords:

Fantasy (ver. 2)
Fiesta De Promoción
Por Tu Amor
Una Noche Más