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Authority Zero


Since ’94 Authority Zero has brought their unique signature blend of anthemic melodic-punk and reggae to the masses.&nbsp; A lot has changed in the 20 plus years since the band got their start and they’ve found a way to persist and thrive in today’s ever-changing music world.&nbsp; “It’s been a long trek”, says Jason Devore (singer and longest running member of the band) as he recollected on the band’s past.&nbsp;Now, 23 years since the band’s inception, the future remains as bright as ever for Authority Zero, consisting of singer Jason DeVore, bassist Mike Spero, guitarist Dan Aid and drummer Chris Dalley (also in Pulley and Implants).<br>
Genres: melodic hardcore, modern ska punk, pop punk, punk, ska punk, skate punk

Guitar Chords:

Authority Zero
Big Bad World
Break The Mold
Break The Mold Acoustic
Destiny And Demise
Find Your Way
For The Kids
Get It Right
Get It Right (ver. 2)
Lift One Up
Lift One Up (ver. 2)
Mesa Town Acoustic
No Regrets
One More Minute
One More Minute (ver. 2)
Over Seasons
Summer Sickness
Super Bitch
Take Or Leave It
Talk Is Cheap
Today We Heard The News
Wake Up Call
When We Rule The World