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Austin Mahone


Pop singer Austin Mahone got his start after videos he posted online went viral and started racking up thousands of hits. Born in San Antonio, Texas, Mahone started singing at a young age and in 2010 began posting YouTube clips of himself singing cover songs by artists like Justin Bieber, Jason Mraz, and others. By 2011, Mahone's videos had garnered him a significant online following, so much so that he dropped out of high school, choosing instead to be home-schooled and focus on his burgeoning pop career. In 2012, Mahone signed to Chase/Universal Republic Records and released several singles, including "11:11" and "Say You're Just a Friend," featuring rapper Flo Rida. An eponymous EP featuring those singles showed up in the summer of 2013 and, nearly a year later, a second EP called The Secret appeared. While preparing his official debut full-length, he released a mixtape titled This Is Not the Album (Cash Money/Republic), which featured Sage the Gemini, Becky G, Chris Brown, and T-Pain. The For Me+You EP arrived in 2016. It included guests like Juicy J, Pitbull, and 2 Chainz. ~ Matt Collar & Neil Z. Yeung, Rovi
Genres: dance pop, pop, post-teen pop, teen pop, viral pop

Guitar Chords:

1111 (ver. 2)
All I Ever Need
All I Ever Need (ver. 2)
All I Ever Need (ver. 3)
Better With You
Dirty Work
Heart In My Hand
Heart In My Hand (ver. 2)
Heart In My Hand (ver. 3)
Heart In My Hand (ver. 4)
Loving You Is Easy
Mmm Yeah
Perfect Beauty
Say My Name Unreleased Song
Say Somethin
Say Somethin (ver. 2)
Say Somethin (ver. 3)
Say Somethin (ver. 4)
Say Youre Just A Friend
Say Youre Just A Friend (ver. 2)
Say Youre Just A Friend (ver. 3)
Say Youre Just A Friend (ver. 4)
Shadow (ver. 2)
Shadow (ver. 3)
Shadow (ver. 4)
Shadow (ver. 5)
Shawty Shawty
Someone Like You
The One Ive Waited For
Till I Find You
Wait Around
What About Love
What About Love (ver. 2)
What About Love (ver. 3)
What About Love (ver. 4)