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Austin Basham


Splitting his time between Linton in the UK and Oslo, Norway, Basham recorded his inaugural release: the aptly titled Linton/Oslo EP. From the release came the standout hit “All Is Well” - a devotional track mirroring the grittiness of Bob Dylan.

Some of the songs from You and Me For Now were made even before Basham’s 2015 EP was released, but it remains embedded in the folky, textural ethos he has always been drawn to in making music. “I wanted the songs to feel a bit older - like they were broken in over time,” Basham explains. And they do: they have the matter-of-factness of Nick Drake fused with the aching vocals of Elliott Smith. 

“Elephants” flows hypnotically with chanting layered on the strumming of a banjo: it explores the idea that you can have something so perfect, but it could be ruined instantaneously in a moment of selfishness. It’s often hard to differentiate between the stories that are his and the stories he tells. The stark contemplation of “Frames” toys with the idea of filtered perfection in the social media age and the idea of being too scared to fail, while “New House” muses on the difficulties of accepting love. 

You and Me For Now oscillates from meditative to haunting through sparse chords and Basham’s husky vocals, layered with the glockenspiel, harmonica and horns. It’s about living as much as it is about overcoming.
Genres: chamber pop, folk-pop, indie folk, indiecoustica, new americana, stomp and holler

Guitar Chords:

All Is Well
All Is Well (ver. 2)
Find A Way
On The Hunt
See You Soon
Sounds Like Help