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Los Angeles' Hugh Augustine is back this year with the new album Dubious , released March 2, 2018. As the follow up to Massimo Ciabatta , Dubious features Ray Wright ( Warm Brew ), Syd ( The Internet ), Joy Postell , Leiah , and Ye Ali . With the success of work on Isaiah Rashad's latest TDE album The Sun's Tirade, Hugh Augustine's sound continues to push hip-hop music forward, reflecting his raw lifestyle and the rich legacy of LA culture.
Breaking out the initial Dubious single "Nights On Replay" last year, the track features Syd of The Internet and was accompanied by an official music video premiered at Billboard . The beats across the album draw from a similar thread of sonic identity despite Hugh working with different producers across Los Angeles.
As Hugh reflects, "My lifestyle revolves around music. Traveling is becoming one of the most important aspects of that because it has allowed me to spread my music to people I never would have thought relate to my story. Keeping things simple in my personal life has allowed me to have the freedom to pack up and go whenever I need to make moves. The lyrical content of Dubious is all about the embodiment of that energy." The cadences are more polished and the messaging more revelatory, created in the spirit of rising above adversity yet staying grounded to foundations.
Dubious is all about making a way out of no way and is one of LA's most unique street records in 2018.

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Silver Moon