Augustana - Someones Baby Guitar Chords


acoustic pop, neo mellow, piano rock, pop rock

Chords: Gadd9, C/G, Gsus4, C, D9, Am, Em9, A7sus4
Capo 5

Watch the difference between C/G and Gsus4!

Gadd9- 300003

Gadd9            C/G
Face the day and face the night
Gadd9            C/G
And hold you close and hold you tight
Gadd9            C/G        Gadd9         C/G
Did I keep you satisfied or did I let you Down

Gsus4            C          D9               C
Bullet Trains and Airplanes blowing from the South
          Gsus4 Am  D9  Gsus4
Well your someone's baby now

Gadd9                C/G      
Fields of green and oceans blue
Gadd9            C/G
Sweeter things and bitter fruits
Gadd9        C/G                   Gadd9          C/G
Only make me think of you yeah you waiting in the sky

Gsus4            C          D9               C
Hurricanes and fire flames never brought you down
           Gsus4 Am  D9  Gsus4
Well your someones baby now

Em9               A7sus4    Em9                      A7sus4
When you look in, in mirror you see my shadow on the wall
Em9                     A7sus4
And now you see things a little clearer
Gsus4 C     D9       Gsus4
Your feelin two foot tall

Gadd9            C/G       Gadd9        C/G
Heaven hell and in between yellow roses at your feet
Gadd9            C/G         Gadd9          C/G
far from all the city street chatter in the night
Gsus4        C          D9           C
Golden years slip away buried in the ground
         Gsus4             C                D9           C
C'mon and hold yourself up to the light and do not make a sound
              Gsus4            C          
You know your Momma taught you what to love
        D9               C
but she never taught you how, 
          Gsus4 C   D9   Gsus4
Well your Someone's Baby now

Em9               A7sus4    Em9                      A7sus4
And when look in, in mirror you see my shadow on the wall
Oh can you hear me babe
I need you near me 
    Gsus4 C   D9  Gsus4
Im Someone's baby now

Gadd9            C/G     Gadd9 C/G
and you can you cant let go
and you know when you can you cant let go

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