Augustana - Mayfield Guitar Chords


acoustic pop, neo mellow, piano rock, pop rock

Chords: C, F, Am, G
Daniel Connell

Chords used-
C-     032010     
F-     033210
Am-    002200
G-     320033

Intro- C F C F (Listen to song for rhythm)

C                                  F
Remember back when seasons don't change
C                            F
Late December winds bringin pain, back to me...
Am                                     F
and I've been closing these doors for days
Am                            F         G
the sky is fallin down on my grave...  yeah

C   F                   
oh are we gonna make it? x4

C                            F
South Pacific's whiskey and sin, now honey,
C                            F
these angels got me talking again, jump slowly
Am                      F
gently as the breakin waves, I'm flying,
Am                         F        G
the tide closing in on my face...  yeah

Repeat Chorus

Keep the Dream Alive.

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