Augustana - Lonely People Guitar Chords


acoustic pop, neo mellow, piano rock, pop rock

Chords: Am, Em, G, Cadd9
Daniel Connell
Augustana- All the Stars and Boulevards
Lonely People

Chords Used-
Am- 002233
Em- 022033
G-  320033
Cadd9- 032033

Capo 3rd Fret

--2-0-2-0-2-0-0----0       x2

Verse- Can either do intro or can follow chords

Am                          Cadd9
I swear I never watched you sleeping,
     Am                  Cadd9 
well honey, I'm an honest man,
   Am                     Cadd9         Em
I guess it always gets me drinking, she makes me sad...

Em                G          Am              Cadd9          Em
sweet, sweet and cold, clean up the mess and sleep the day away,
          G        Am             Cadd9            
when you call, I might be here, I might be gone...
    Em            G           Am                   Cadd9             
but here at the sound of the bells you cry, you've lost your mind
    Em              G         Am              Cadd9           
but dear, don't be sad, it's just a dream you dreamt you had...
    Am                       Cadd9
But I ain't seen you look so good...

so honey,

Am                        Cadd9          Am                 Cadd9
I guess italways gets me drinking, well holly, she makes me sad...
Am                      Cadd9        Em
forgive me if I look so lonely, it's not that bad...
Am                                  Cadd9     Am       
sometimes it's just the sound of the TV that gets me always
wondering why,
   Em                      G         Am                  Cadd9
sometimes it's just a conversation, that makes me cry...

Same as 1st verse.

hey, well I know, California might be warm this time of year,
I should go, turn the engine and the radio...
it's cold, always cold, this hotel room won't let me sleep,
time, it's alright, I guess I'll just stay up all night


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