Augie March - Awol Guitar Chords

Augie March

australian alternative rock, australian rock

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Chords: C, C7, Gm, F, Dm, Am, Bb, G
AWOL     - Augie March
(Glen Richards)

Chords trans by S.Parker (responsible but sorry for any mistakes)

C  -  C7  -  C
Gm              F         Dm               C
Three dozen cycles, give or take a sum,
Am                   Bb               Gm              C
The sum of that experience - how to keep running.
    F         Dm             Gm                      C
O I know justice, it's a birthright if you're born right,
     F                 Dm                     Gm           C
and I know how handsome is that trick of the light,
C                F               Bb            Gm
So don't be mistaken in thinking I'll do right
C                F             Bb       C              Bb         C      
given the chance to do wrong again and again.

Gm        F           Dm          C
Summer romeos casing the park,
          Am        Bb          Gm           C
by the uniform urinals of love's rural province.
    F                     Dm              Gm             C
O don't you know time, with its petty vial of sands,
    F           Dm        Gm         C
inscrutable face and merciless hands?
      C                     F
And don't you know love?
        Bb               Gm
It's a whirlwind of feathers, 
C                         F                             Bb          Gm
tickles you to your nethers and leaves a terrain of despair…

       Gm                 F              Dm          C
And I know when grief goes unchecked,
              Am           Bb           Gm               C
There's a kind of relief in the wreckage for the wrecked…

Gm             F       Dm           C
Weren't you alone last time I saw you?
Am                     Bb                     Gm                C
How do you keep running from the world and the war?
    F                  Dm             Bb                C
O I know young fathers who once were like soldiers,
F                    Dm
AWOL in flung places
          Bb              C
or without standing orders,
C                F              Bb     Gm              C
Alarming approaches to time         and it's killing,
     F             Bb      C            Bb      C
no victimless crime again and again, Again and again

Gm  -  F  -  Dm  -  Am  -  Am  -  Bb  -  Gm  - C

F - Dm - Bb - C 

F - Dm - Bb - C

Gm       F        Dm                    C
Monday night, Goodies and The Doctor,
Am                          Bb    Gm       C
Now that bath time's over, time for pyjamas.
F                  Dm         Bb              C
O I know self pity, it begins with nostalgia,
               F                Dm           Bb            C
and you'll die of melancholy if the dolor don't get ya,
       C           F               Bb                Gm
And I know a poem on a wall next to a picture
       C             F                Bb            C
of a dick and a fanny, by a smear of regret.

          Gm           F             Dm   Am                Am                        Bb   
And it sings of its own long demise,                something about imperium,
         Gm              C
and a new sun will rise,
           F                Dm                Bb      C        Gm          Am         Bb     G
and "O please don't go with those horrible guys, they only want one thing."
    F                Dm               Bb        C      C             F            Bb
O please don't go with those horrible guys, they only want one thing,
C              Bb     C     Bb     C          Gm
Again and again.

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