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Audrey Hall


b. c.1948, Jamaica, West Indies. Hall’s first recording session was with Dandy Livingstone. The latter had previously recorded as Sugar And Dandy with Tito Simon, and the success of the duets by Jackie Edwards And Millie Small, Keith And Enid and Derrick And Patsy prompted the pairing of Dandy And Audrey. In 1969 the duo recorded ‘Morning Side Of The Mountain’, which led to an album of the same name on Trojan Records. Inspired by the duo’s success, a year later, Trojan compiled a further release, I Need You, which contained a number of tracks from the initial album including ‘Storybook Children’, ‘Once Upon A Time’ and ‘I Need You’. Livingstone also produced Hall’s solo recordings, including versions of R&B classics originally recorded by the Toys, ‘A Lovers Concerto’, and Barbara Lynn, ‘You’ll Lose A Good Thing’, for his Down Town productions. In Jamaica it appeared that Hall’s solo career was over and she found employment as a backing singer alongside her sister Pam Hall. In 1985 she made a comeback when she recorded an answer to Beres Hammond’s hit, ‘What One Dance Can Do’. ‘One Dance Won’t Do’, produced by Donovan Germain, took her into the Top 20 of the pop chart after 15 years in the music business. She followed the hit with ‘The Best Thing For Me’, though it was the ensuing ‘Smile’ that repeated her success in the pop market. In 1986 she returned to recording duets with Don Evans (aka Tyrone Evans; ex-Paragons) and they released ‘Heart Made Of Stone’ and The Dynamic Duo on Trojan Records.
Genres: lovers rock

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