Audra Mae - The River Guitar Chords

Audra Mae

alternative roots rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: G, Cm, D
Audra Mae

The River Guitar Chords

G                              G
I've done a bad thing it's okay
G                                G
I'm going down to the river today
       Cm                              Cm
And the river's gonna wash my sins away
                  G             G
Til I'm born again tomorrow
Oh to get over my head
Cm                G             G
Make me forget my sorrow

G                                G
I'm going down to the river alone
G                                 G
Don't tell mama and daddy I'm gone
Cm                                   Cm
And if they cry when I don't come home
Just lie and tell them I'm funnin'
Whoa to get out of my eyes
Cm                     G
Into the river wide I'm runnin'

And I can't swim
But it's alright
              D                               G
'Cause all my sin will drag me down even if I could
                      Cm                    G
And if it weren't for him and the love that night
       D                                     D
I'd be living for the light like a good girl should
'Cause a good girl should

* The same chords progression goes for the rest of the song

* The song can also be played using E, Am, and B7 instead of G, Cm, and D (D7) with a 
capo on the 2nd fret for it to sound like the original song.

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