Audio Adrenaline - Get Down Guitar Chords

Audio Adrenaline

ccm, christian alternative rock, christian music, christian punk

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Chords: D, E7, G, Bm, A
Get Down
Audio Adrenaline

D   E7   G   D

Lavishly our lives are wasted
Humbleness is left untasted
G                                      D
You can't live your life to please yourself, yeah
That's a tip from my mistake
Exactly what it doesn't take
G                                  Bm      A
To win you've got to come in last place.
    D                    E7
To live your life you've got to lose it
    G               D
And all the losers get a crown.

I get down, and he lifts me up
I get down, and he lifts me up
I get down, and he lifts me up
I get down

All I need's another day
Where I can't seem to get away
G                                   D
From the many things that drag me down, yeah
I'm sure you've had a day like me
Where nothing seems to set you free
G                                      Bm     A
From the burdens you can't carry all alone

D                E7
In your weakness He is stronger
G                D
In your darkness He shines through
D                  E7
When you're crying He's your comfort
G                     D
When you're all alone He's carrying you

D            E7
This valley is so deep
G                    D
I can barely see the sun
D         E7
I cry out for mercy Lord
G                   D
And You lift me up again

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