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Audio Adrenaline

ccm, christian alternative rock, christian music, christian punk

Chords: B5, A5, E5, D5
This is pretty much all i can figure out but it souns awesome...

B5 A5 E5 x3 D5
       B5                   A5 E5
Forget the Polictits.
    B5                     A5 E5
And All the Hypocrites.
             B5           A5 E5
You know the bodies sick.
From religion to decision Baby I don't know
               B5      A5 E5              B5        A5 E5
You say you're to young... You say you're too dumb
               B5        A5 E5
But we're just Americans...
But today is the Days God's shown the way!
      B5                A5          E5
I say hey now now we're calling you out!
B5                 A5   E5
Never back down no fear no doubt!
       B5                 A5       E5
I said hey now now you can show us how!
Baby you better get it on becasue we're calling all Church Punks!

The Song goes like that until it hits the solo which I can't tab because this is my 1st
ever!!! So cut me some slack... But in the live verson the back up guitarist is playing
main riff (B5 A5 E5) While Tyler plays: D5B5 on the 2nd sting during the little intro 
usually gives. Then they break into the solo. But that intro would look like this:
Back-up Guitarist:

B5 A5 E5


But the ending after the little drum fill they play a B5 on the 1st string

& that's it... If any get's the solo please let me know I would love to learn it because
a smoking hott solo!!!

God Bless

Jimmy Joe

HINTS 4 BEGGINERS: (only 1st 4 stings) )
B5  A5  E5  D5
7   5   -   -
9   7   7   5
9   7   9   7
        9   7

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