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Attack in Black


Canadian rock outfit Attack in Black was formed in the early 2000s in Welland, Ontario, Canada. Early comparisons of their music were made to aggressive post-hardcore bands like Gainesville, FL's Hot Water Music, but the quartet later integrated more of a folk edge to their punk musings and claimed as much influence from acts like Neil Young as they did Refused. Attack in Black consisted of vocalist/guitarist Daniel Romano, his drummer brother Ian Romano and vocalist/guitarist Spencer Burton; Ian Kehoe replaced original bass player Matt Ellis following the release of a self-titled EP. The band signed to Toronto-based label Dine Alone Records in the spring of 2006, joining a roster that included artists like Moneen, City and Colour, and Bedouin Soundclash. (In fact, some members of Attack in Black served as part of the backing band for Alexisonfire guitarist/singer Dallas Green's side project City and Colour.) The Widows EP and Northern Towns 7" both surfaced before Attack in Black issued the full-length Marriage via Dine Alone in July 2007, which featured a healthy mix of rock, folk, and yes, some punk. The Curve of the Earth followed that fall solely as a digital release and limited-edition vinyl. ~ Corey Apar, Rovi
Genres: canadian indie, canadian punk

Guitar Chords:

Chimes And Church Bells
Chimes And Church Bells (ver. 2)
Cut And Run Acoustic
Cut And Run Acoustic (ver. 2)
Cut And Run Acoustic (ver. 3)
Ever Faster
Half-Moon On The City High
If All I Thought Were True
If All I Thought Were True (ver. 2)
If All I Thought Were True (ver. 3)
If All I Thought Were True (ver. 4)
Im A Rock
Leaving Your Death In A Flowerbed
Leaving Your Death In A Flowerbed (ver. 2)
Love Between You And I
Northern Towns
Slender Loris
Sounds Of Dawn And Dusk
The Curve Of The Earth
The Surface I Would Travel
Young Leaves