Atmosphere - The Rooster Guitar Chords


alternative hip hop, conscious hip hop, hip hop, pop rap

Chords: Eb, Bb, Gb, Db, Ab, A, Am, Asus4, B, F#, D
                             The Rooster - Atmosphere

Tuning: Half step down (Eb, Bb, Gb, Db, Ab, Eb)

Chords Used (Not relative to tuning)
     A      Am    Asus4    B     F#    D     A*

A - Am - Asus4 - A

Verse 1:
A                      Am
Blue collar Eddie and his better half Deloris
Asus4                    A
Used to be mantle pieces down at the black forest
A                        Am
And I don’t know if that bar still exists
Asus4                        A
But when it did so did they a couple bleeding heart kids
A                      Am
Everything volatile, every night rocker style
Asus4                A
Hop a stool be discreet and just watch a while
A                          Am
But do your best to keep the level observational
Asus4                   A
Drama is attractive so push it when it takes a pull
B                     F#                            D
And each nights are random, when you’ve paid a ransom
For the right sing along with them drinkin’ anthems
B                F#                   D                      A*  
And these fools paid so many dues that everybody stops to salute
A                       Am                          
Well one night after another fight,
Asus4                          A
A couple from an opposite table offered an invite
A                               Am
Deloris didn’t want to join ‘em wasn’t feelin’ social
Asus4                        A                       
But Eddie was so aggravated that he had to poke holes
A                Am
He walked over sat in the dialogue
Asus4                              A
And called at Deloris like some kind of dog (hey hey hey hey girl come here)
A                    Am
She can’t believe it she’s done she’s had it
Asus4                               A
But she doesn’t want to make another scene in this establishment
B                F#                   D                   A*
She got up and mozied over, and put her arm up around Eddie’s shoulder
B                F#                 
Nobody’s sober, the song is the same, 
D                                A*
Sometimes you stick out your chin to catch the rain

Chorus: (Same as verses)
You can be winner you can be a loser
Gotta wake up when you here the rooster
Sometimes its just too simple to live your life wrong
Gotta do right for you when the time come

Verse 2:
The clock keeps drinkin’, they keep tickin’
There’s two more people who get to play positions
Samantha and Chuck not a couple just roommates
Out having too many shots on a Tuesday
Who knew they’d be tools for the duo
Put a little bit of fire on the fuel
It’s a kinda blue intentions ain’t cruel
But everybody’s so ready to bend up the rules
Now there’s chuck staring at Deloris,
Eddie is distracted by Samantha so he doesn’t notice
And everybody’s too fucked up
To even assess the mess, much less care enough
More whiskey, a pitcher of premium,
Eddie’s gettin’ tipsy he didn’t see it commin’
On his way back from a visit with that urinal,
Tryin’ to straitin’ out his thoughts and the vertigo
Weaves through stops when he seen ‘em 
Picture perfect, it looked just like freedom
Deloris on chucks lap kissin’ em hard,
Eddie dipped into the winter, left them all at the bar
Sometimes you gotta follow what’s felt inside,
Between the power struggles and selfish pride
No one is allowed to cry unfair
‘Cause now they both get to drink alone somewhere

Chorus x2

Chorus 2:
B               F#
You can be winner you can be a loser
D               A*
Gotta wake up when you here the rooster
Sometimes its just too simple to live your life wrong
Gotta do right for you when the time come

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