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Atlas Rhoads


Atlas Rhoads is a symphonic indie-rock band who has been creating music together for five years.

In the spring of 2015, Atlas Rhoads released their debut album; a sound containing an ethereal quality and many orchestral elements such as strings, timpani, harp, woodwinds, and horns. In December of 2015, they took these songs on their first national tour with the critically acclaimed Future of Forestry.

September of 2018, the band moved their lives from Lynchburg, Virginia to Birmingham, England to join the fresh movement of creative Christians in sharing the story and beauty of Jesus through art, music and relationship. This new chapter began with the release of two singles and by joining indie worship band Rivers & Robots on a UK/EU tour. They plan to release more work in the new year, including a third single and acoustic ep.

“Our mission is two-fold: 1) To worship the Creator of the world through creating beauty, and 2) to impact our world through this art; songs founded on the truths of the Gospel. We strive to use thought-provoking lyrics and captivating compositions that accompany the emotional depth of each word. Music that will edify the Church, and speak to the human heart.” -Timothy Riordan
Genres: christian uplift

Guitar Chords:

He Cries