Atlas Losing Grip - Unrest Guitar Chords

Atlas Losing Grip

fast melodic punk, melodic hardcore, skate punk

Chords: Asus2, Am, F, C, G, Dm
Tuning: Standard

Play    F like  x33210
        Asus2   x02200

Intro :  | Am | F | C | G | x 4

Verse 1:        | Am  F | C  G | Am | Asus2 | x 3 
                | F | Dm | Am | Asus2 | F | F | G | G |

[Note: You may also play Am Am/F Am/C Am/G Am Asus2 until the F and Dm part comes]

with lyrics:
Am F        C      G   Am    Asus2
   In every corner I see you.
Am    F    C       G        Am   Asus2
  Who ever said it would be easy?
Am    F       C       G     Am   Asus2
    I carry a picture in my pocket.
           F    Dm            Am Asus2
Wherever I go I have you with me.
              F                   G
I have to let go, guess anyone can see...

Chorus:         | Am | F | C | G | x 4
with lyrics:
          Am       F
That it's breaking me
   C              G                 Am   F
to carry this weight in my chest.
    C            G               Am      F
I'm kept in a state of unrest.
            C           G            Am    F 
Ridden with guilt, if I throw this away
         C          G
will the memories fade?

Interlude: | Am  F | C  G | Am (let it ring)

Verse 2:
No one ever said it would be easy
and there is never a right time.
Always something we wish we'd said,
        F        Dm         Am
but somehow it's always too late.
   F                      G
No doubt, we thought it could wait
              F                  G
just a little longer, just until tomorrow.

Bridge: | F | F | Am | Am | x 3

F                  Am
   If I let go now
will I remember how it felt
to always have you with me.
Even I'm beginning to see...


Ending: (repeat chords of the refrain)

Don't mean to let you down
but I have to let go now.
Won't let the memories fade away.


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