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Singer and writer Johan MacDonald learned to play classic rock and blues through his father, who had been touring with a party orchestra for many years. His roots schooling in old school rock and country made his first songs sound a lot like Elvis, Beatles and Monkees. He met Jesper Karlsson and Victor Norberg in high school. They would during coming summers busk the streets together, playing covers and their own songs. When the group found drummer Olof Arvidsson, Atlantic Francis took off.

Atlantic Francis first EP ”Just Add Ocean” featuring four tracks, was released in May 2015. The band celebrated the release at Spritmuseum in Stockholm. The EP was played at various venues during the summer. Folkpop at it´s best – ukulele, harmonies and soulful pop. Atlantic Francis shimmering ukulele pop combined with 12-string melodies and vocal harmonies reminds the listener of a simpler time.
Some call it the music of the summer, some call it indie or ukulele pop – we refer to it as the music you will be dancing to in the grass, at the summer festival, as the sun sets over the hills and you forget all your troubles.

During 2017 Atlantic Francis relesed four singles that all shared a new theme. The band had found a love for synths of the 80s and a more funky, rhytmic, playful way of playing. These four tracks were recorded in a studio in Falun, Sweden. Produced by Johan Nordin of the renowned band Marigold.
Genres: swedish indie rock

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Atlantic Francis