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A bona fide national treasure in her home country and ever broadening global fan base – Astrid S has near to 1 billion streams on Spotify. In her 5 years in the studio so far, Astrid S has learned that it is sometimes the best songs that come fastest. ‘I knew it was something special,’ she says of her single Emotion, ‘because I took a sneaky demo of it back to my hotel that night and couldn’t stop playing it.’ Emotion is an ebullient smash hit in the wings, a rush of pop blood to the head. The journey for Astrid S toward superstardom is one of escape and destiny. She was born in the tiny Norwegian hamlet of Berkåk. ‘In the heart of Norway,’ she says, ‘quite literally.’ Music was her first love, soccer her second. She dropped out of a football school to enter Norwegian Idol at 16 and promptly earned her fist indigenous top 10 hit, Shattered. She signed to Sony ATV Music Publ. as a songwriter that year. Since, Astrid has been honing her brilliant ear for a pop chorus and identifiable, genre-bending lyrics. Astrid S recalls exactly what pop music made her feel like as a young girl in a small town. ‘The moment I put a Discman on I was in another world. It was magical.’ Now she is ready to translate that early metamorphosis for her own fans. ‘To give them a world to get lost in as well.’ She is ready to colonise pop music with her own indefatigable energy.

Genres: dance pop, edm, electropop, norwegian pop, pop, post-teen pop, tropical house, viral pop

Guitar Chords:

Aku Bisa Apa
Aku Ingin Engkau
Bahagia Melihatmu Dengannya
Bintang Kejora
Bukan Waktunya
Demi Kita
Jadikan Aku Yang Kedua
Ku Cinta Dia
Lihat Aku Sekarang
Sampai Kapan
Tak Ingin Dicintai
Tentang Rasa
Tentang Rasa (ver. 2)
Tiada Rela