Asleep at the Wheel - Hot Rod Lincoln Guitar Chords

Asleep at the Wheel

country rock, cowboy western, nashville sound, outlaw country

Chords: B
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From: (Roy Snyder)
Subject: Re: REQ.:  Hot Rod Lincoln
Date: 4 Oct 1995 03:25:18 GMT
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In article , says...
>It'd be cool if someone could post the lead guitar tab or otherwise for
>"Hot Rod Lincoln" from the late '50s.  Thanks.

I've never seen it published.  We play it in E, so the chords are like E,
A, and B.  The trick is the "chicken picking" speed.  So, if you already
know a walking bass line in E, then just triple your notes and "chicken
pick it" for that Commander Cody feel.

Rather than do TAB, we have a nifty guitar notation that might work. I'm
a TAB user myself, but I find typing it to be cumbersome so this notation
is a fairly decent substitution.

first number = string/second number = fret

B                       B!    B!    6/3 (bend full)
Don't stop driving that Hot   Rod   Lincoln

6/0+++  6/3 (hammer on)  6/4++   5/2+++   5/4 (pull off) 5/2
5/0+++  5/3 (h.o.)       5/4++   4/2+++   4/4 (p.o.)     4/2
5/2+++  4/1+++  4/4++  3/1  4/4
4/2++   5/4++   5/2++   6/4++  (start again at 6/0)

I'm not sure if I really "pick" each note the number of times (denoted by
the ++++) I wrote, but I just play that basic walking bass pattern and
pick the heck out of it.

Good luck,
Roy Snyder

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