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Ashley Eriksson


Singer/songwriter Ashley Eriksson got her start in music at a very young age, taking part in a children's choir that sang on Ren & Stimpy's 1993 Crock o' Christmas album. During her junior-high years, she began writing her own songs and recording them using a Tascam cassette four-track on loan from her brother. Later, she moved to a digital recorder and began working on perfecting her craft. She recorded an album of some of her favorite songs by other artists in 2005 called Singles & Covers and released Seasonal Music in 2006. That same year she started the band LAKE with Eli Moore, Lindsay Schief, and Kenny Tarantino, serving as a songwriter and vocalist. They released four albums of sweet and homey indie pop starting in 2008 with Tape on Funkytonk, then moved to K for 2008's Oh, the Places We'll Go, 2009's Let's Build a Roof, and 2011's Giving & Receiving. In 2010 Eriksson released a solo album, Decarnarnation, and her solo version of "Christmas Island" from Let's Build a Roof gained some small fame from its use as the end credit music on Adventure Time. Eriksson's first solo album for K, Colours, was released in the summer of 2013. ~ Tim Sendra, Rovi

Guitar Chords:

Island Song
Island Song (ver. 2)
Island Song (ver. 3)
Island Song (ver. 4)
Island Song (ver. 5)
Island Song (ver. 6)