Art Garfunkel - Old Man Guitar Chords

Art Garfunkel

adult standards, folk, folk rock, mellow gold

Chords: C, F/C, G7, Bb/F, F, Dm7, D7sus, D7, F/G, Am, F9, Csus, C/B, Em, Cm, Eb, Fm, G
(R. Newman)
Album: Angel Clare

Verse 1:

C      F/C            C
 Every-one has gone a-way
G7                        C
 Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

C       F/C             C
 No one cared enough to stay.
Bb/F                      C
 Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

Chorus 1:

    F             C
You must remember me, old man,
  Dm7/C                    F
I know that you can if you try.
        C    F/C     D7sus     D7
So just open up your eyes, old man,
F                   F/G      Am
Look who's come to say good-bye.

Verse 2:

    C                 F
The sun has left the sky, old man,
    C                  F9
The birds have flown a-way.
    Csus   C       D7sus    D7
And no one came to cry, old man,
     F        F/G       C
Good-bye, old man, good-bye.

Verse 3:

    C               F        C
You want to stay, I know you do,
       C               F9
But it ain't no use to try.
     C                 D7sus     D7
'Cos I'll be here, and I'm just like you,
     F        F/G       C
Good-bye, old man, good-bye.

Chorus 2:

      F/G          C
Won't be no God to comfort you,
              C      C/B          Am
You taught me not to believe that lie.
          F                C          F
You don't need anybody, no-body needs you
C#dim7          Em         F
Don't cry, old man, don't cry
            Cm/Eb     Fm     Fm/G    C
Every-body dies.

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