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Arsy Widianto


Music runs in Arsy Widianto’s blood. When other kids are playing toys and building sand castles, Arsy already following his father to shows and concerts.

Born on 26 November 1999, Arsy Widianto is the son of well known Indonesian pianist, songwriter, composer and music producer, Yovie Widianto.

Having a musician father, Arsy listens to music since he was 4 years old. Surrounded by music and many great musicians that are friends of his father, Arsy listen to music like no other kids his age could or would, he listens with his heart.

His mother said that Arsy was an introvert boy, he doesn’t talk much but when it comes to singing, their living room was Arsy’s first stage as a singer and he would give his best to perform and impress his family which is and always be his loyal fans.

Arsy is used to listening to many music genres but RnB Ballad is the one that inspired him most. He grew up listening to Brian McKnight and Boyz II Men.

He inherited the wisdom and talent of his father who always accepts and give music with sincerity, not just relying on skills but focus on delivering the song’s message to the audience.

When asked about what he wants as a singer, Arsy gave simple answer, he wants to bring out the music in him and be an awesome musician like his father.

At he age of 18, Arsy released two singles in 2018 "Nembak #MenyatakanCinta" and "Dengan Caraku" with Brisia Jodie. Now he is currently preparing his album with Yovie Widianto as the producer.

Genres: indonesian pop

Guitar Chords:

Dengan Caraku