Armors Guitar Chords



Armors is a band that’s been making music of varying quality since the beginning of 2015. The Orange County-based duo comprised of [textbook over thinker] Olen Kittelsen and [avid moviegoer] Sam Beresford met while attending nearby suburban high schools and have founded other lesser bands since their early teens. Kittelsen and Beresford decided to team with their best friend/worst enemy — Bostonian writer/producer/landscaper/cat-enthusiast Ryan Spraker — to make a collection of songs that represent them and their many flaws, few strengths, and numerous insecurities as human beings. They opted first to release the chaotic single “I Don’t Wanna Know” which precedes a new EP due in early 2019.
Genres: indie poptimism, indie rockism, modern alternative rock

Guitar Chords: