Arkells Guitar Chords



Arkells, have built an undeniable reputation as one of the most passionate, high-energy, live-rock authorities working today. Recorded between ongoing pockets of touring, their new album, Rally Cry, aims to best capture the unmistakable spirit and energy from their live show. The songs boast a vibrant urgency and mark Arkells sharpest and most concentrated effort yet.

Arkells have stayed ever-present, relentlessly touring in support of their most recent album, Morning Report, which was extended by the surprise release of “Knocking At The Door” – the 14-week #1 smash, which became the most played alt-rock song of the year at home in Canada.

The cycle included festival stops from Coachella to Lollapalooza, career first television appearances at the iHeartRadioMMVAs and NHL Awards, plus an unexpected viral trip to the 2018 Olympics in South Korea. “On our last album, we dipped our toes into the water, and learned that the boldest and most gratifying ideas were the ones where we took the biggest chances,” asserts frontman, Max Kerman. “That record emboldened us and gave us confidence to trust our instincts even more. On Rally Cry, we’ve risen to the challenge and we’re playing for keeps.”

Genres: canadian indie, canadian rock, deep new americana

Guitar Chords:

11 11
11 11 (ver. 2)
Agent Zero
A Little Rain A Song For Pete
And Then Some
Ballad Of Hugo Chavez
Ballad Of Hugo Chavez (ver. 2)
Book Club
Come Back Home
Come To Light
Cynical Bastards
Dirty Blonde
Drakes Dad
Im Not The Sun
John Lennon
Kiss Cam
Kiss Cam (ver. 2)
Kiss Cam (ver. 3)
Knocking At The Door
Leather Jacket
Leather Jacket (ver. 2)
Michigan Left
My Hearts Always Yours
Never Thought That This Would Happen
Never Thought That This Would Happen (ver. 2)
Never Thought That This Would Happen (ver. 3)
No Champagne Socialist
No Champagne Socialist (ver. 2)
Oh The Boss Is Coming
On Paper
Passenger Seat
Private School
Private School (ver. 2)
Pullin Punches
Round And Round
What Are You Holding On To