Ark - It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane Guitar Chords


vapor soul, vapor twitch, wave

Song versions: 1 2 3 4
Chords: Em7, E, D/F#, G, A, D, Dadd9, Bm7
Tuning: EADGBE
Capo 3

Em7    022010
E      022100      
D/F#   200232
G      320033
A      x02220
D      000232
Dadd9  000252
Bm7    x25232

Em7, D/F#, G, A

[Verse 1]
Em7           D/F#                   G
     Whatever happened to the funky race?
              A               Em7
A generation lost in pace,
               D/F#                          G
Wasn´t life supposed to be more than this?
                   A                              Em7
In this kiss I´ll change your bore for my bliss
                             D/F#                                G
Let go of my hand and it will slip out in the sand if you don´t give me the  chance
          A                            Em7
to break down the walls of attitude,
I ask nothing of you
G              A 
 not even your gratitude 

[Bridge 1]
And if you think I´m corny
then it will not make me sorry
           Bm7                   D
it´s your right to laugh at me
                    G                A
and in turn, that´s my oppurtunity
                 Bm7     D
to feel brave
        G                       A 
Because ridicule is no shame 
            Bm7                  D
it´s just a way to eclipse hate
            G                             A 
it´s just a way to put my back straight
            Bm7              D 
it´s just a way to remain sane 

[Verse 2]
Em7                            D/F#
Every morning I would see her getting
off the bus the picture never drops
              A                     Em7
it's like a multicoloured snapshot stuck in my brain
   D/F#                 G
it kept me sane for a couple of years
as it drenched my fears
of becoming like the others
who become unhappy mothers
     G                      A
and fathers of unhappy kids
And why is that?
[Bridge 1]
                 G                   A
Cause they´ve forgotten how to play
               Bm7                    D 
maybe they´re afraid to feel ashamed
to seem strange
to seem insane
to gain weight to seem gay
I tell you this 

                 G                  A
That it takes a fool to remain sane
            Bm7               D 
It takes a fool to remain sane
            G                  A 
It takes a fool to remain sane
         Bm7                         D
In this world all covered up in shame

                         G  A  E  Dadd9 (x2)
(-Oh, take it to the stage!) 

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