Ariana Grande - Snow In California Guitar Chords

Ariana Grande

dance pop, pop, post-teen pop

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Cadd9, G, Dsus4, Em7, D
Though this song is new, I only decided to put down the chorus, but it repeats for most
of the song i think. This is from my head and there's no other chord/tab so i decided to
make one. Just tell me if it can WORK. I know its probably not exact but still. Capo 
1☃ * = 1 Strum
If enough people actually like this i might do the whole song :/ but probably by then
someone would've done that. Enjoi... P.s for G use the variation with the finger on 3rd
fret B string. Same for Em7, Last 2 strings on third fret.

Cadd9        G        Dsus4
Just make it snow in California
Cadd9      Em7        G
I'll even settle for rain
Cadd9             G           Dsus4
Don't want him to go tomorrow morning
Cadd9      G                  Dsus4
Give me something to make him stay
Cadd9          G                Em7
Wrapped in his arms by the fireplace
            D       *G
Will be the perfect gift
Cadd9       D           Em7
Let it snow let it snow let it snow
Let it snow
D          Cadd9 G
In Calif-orn-i-a   ~Strummy

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