Arctic Monkeys - The Fire And The Thud Guitar Chords

Arctic Monkeys

garage rock, indie rock, modern rock, permanent wave

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Fm, A, D, C
          The Fire And The Thud Artic Monkeys

Nice song to play and easy to sing

It's just Fm and with the little finger play this


I call it Fm²


Fm A D C

then it goes Fm D C (*2) before going back to the verse


you showed me my tommorow
beside a box of matches
a welcome threating stir/stare

my hopes of being stolen
might just ring true
depends who you prefer

Fm          A
If its true your gonna run away
D                 C
tell me where I'll meet you there

Fm D C (*2)

Am I snapping the excitement?
If i pack away the laughter
and tell you how it feels

And does burden come to meet ya
If i have questions of the feature
that rolls on your dream reel

Fm                A
The day after you stole my heart
D                                C
Everyting I touched told me it would be better shared with you

Fm D C (*2)

 Fm       D          C

And your hiding in my soup
 Fm       D          C
and the book reveals your face
 Fm            D          C
and as you're splashing in my eyelid
 Fm       D          C
the concentration continually breaks
 Fm     D          C
I did request the mark you cast
 Fm       D          C
It didnt heal as fast
 Fm       D         D
I hear your voice in silences
D           D           D      C        Fm
The teasing of the fire be followed by the thud

Fm D C (*2)

Fm            Fm                                 Fm
In the jostling crowd your not allowed to tell the truth and the photo booths
   Fm²  Fm²
A liar

And the sharpened explanations
 Fm²                                    Fm²
but theres no screaming reason to enquire

Fm                             A                D                        C
I'd like to poke them in their prying eyes with things theyve never seen if
it smacks them in their temples

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