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Arctic Monkeys


By distilling the sounds of Franz Ferdinand, the Clash, the Strokes, and the Libertines into a hybrid of swaggering indie rock and danceable neo-punk, Arctic Monkeys became one of the U.K.'s biggest bands of the new millennium. Their meteoric rise began in 2005, when the teenagers fielded offers from major labels and drew a sold-out crowd to the London Astoria, using little more than a self-released EP as bait. Several months later, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not became the fastest-selling debut album in British history, entrenching Arctic Monkeys in the same circle as multi-platinum acts like Oasis and Blur.

Frontman Alex Turner and guitarist Jamie Cook began their music careers in 2001, when the friends both received guitars for Christmas. Two years later, they began performing shows around their native Sheffield with drummer Matt Helders and bassist Andy Nicholson, two fellow students at Stocksbridge High School. A series of demo recordings followed, and Arctic Monkeys' audience swelled as fans circulated those recordings via the Internet. The musicians soon found themselves at the center of a growing media circus, with such outlets as BBC Radio examining the band's music and mounting hype.

By distributing their homemade material on the Internet, Arctic Monkeys were able to build a sizable fan base without the help of a record label, effectively circumventing the usual road to superstardom. They continued to buck tradition by signing with Domino Records in 2005, eschewing a major label's budget for Domino's D.I.Y. cred and hip roster (which also included Franz Ferdinand, a touchstone for the band's sound). The smart moves paid off as Arctic Monkeys' first two singles -- "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" and "When the Sun Goes Down" -- both topped the U.K. charts. Critical reception was similarly favorable, but few could have predicted the whirlwind success of the band's debut album, which ousted Oasis' Definitely Maybe as the fastest-selling debut in British history (a record that was broken one year later by Leona Lewis' Spirit). Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not sold 363,735 copies during its first week alone, transforming Arctic Monkeys from underground stars into mainstream figures.

Arctic Monkeys' debut sold approximately 300,000 total copies in America -- enough to warrant more media coverage, but notably less than the album's British sales during its first week alone. Nevertheless, their success continued as they released a spring EP, Who the F**k Are Arctic Monkeys, and prepared for a stateside tour. Temporary bassist Nick O'Malley was brought aboard for the band's American shows, while a fatigued Nicholson stayed at home. Nicholson then announced his official departure when the band returned home in June 2006, and O'Malley remained with Arctic Monkeys as a permanent member. That fall, the guys received the 2006 Mercury Prize and donated the accompanying money to an undisclosed charity. Additional accolades included Best British Breakthrough Act at the Brit Awards and Best New Band at the NME Awards. NME also made a bold assertion by deeming the band's debut one of the Top Five British albums ever released.

Released in April 2007, Favourite Worst Nightmare updated Arctic Monkeys' sound with louder instruments and faster tempos. The bandmates had recorded the sophomore album quickly, wishing to return to the road as soon as possible, and the speedy turnaround between records helped maintain the band's popularity at home. Favourite Worst Nightmare sold 85,000 copies during its first day of release, and all 12 tracks entered the Top 200 of the U.K. singles charts. As Alex Turner briefly turned his attention to a side project, the Last Shadow Puppets, Arctic Monkeys received another Mercury Prize nomination and took home two titles at the 2008 Brit Awards. Recording sessions for a third album commenced in early 2008 and lasted throughout the year, with producers James Ford (who previously worked with Turner on the Last Shadow Puppets' album) and Josh Homme (frontman of Queens of the Stone Age) adding some newfound heft to the band's sound. Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys released a concert album entitled At the Apollo -- with accompanying video footage captured on 35mm film -- before unveiling Humbug in August 2009. Humbug went platinum in the U.K. but failed to produce a Top Ten hit, with "Crying Lightning" peaking at number 12 and "Cornerstone" topping out at 94.

The band hit the road that February, kicking off a multi-leg tour that ran through the rest of the year. After playing another handful of shows in early 2010, the guys took a short hiatus before reconvening with James Ford for their fourth album. Sessions began that fall, and the resulting Suck It and See arrived in spring 2011. Meanwhile, Turner also wrote music for a Richard Ayoade film, Submarine, whose soundtrack doubled as the frontman's first solo release. In February 2012, Arctic Monkeys released a song entitled "R U Mine?" on their YouTube channel, which indicated that a new album was on the way. A few months later, the band played at the London Summer Olympics opening ceremony, performing "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" and the Beatles' "Come Together," but it wasn't until the summer of 2013 that a new album was to be revealed. Entitled AM, the fifth album was released in September, a few months after a triumphant headlining performance at Glastonbury 2013, which was opened with the new song "Do I Wanna Know?" Following the supporting tour for AM, the band entered an extended hiatus, during which time the individual members pursued solo projects. Arctic Monkeys resurfaced in April of 2018 with Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, a softer affair than their previous albums. ~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi
Genres: garage rock, indie rock, modern rock, permanent wave, rock, sheffield indie

Guitar Chords:

505 (ver. 2)
A Certain Romance
A Certain Romance (ver. 2)
A Certain Romance (ver. 3)
All My Loving
All My Own Stunts
American Sports
Arabella (ver. 2)
Arabella (ver. 3)
Arabella (ver. 4)
Baby Im Yours
Baby Im Yours (ver. 2)
Baby Im Yours (ver. 3)
Bad Woman
Batphone (ver. 2)
Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts
Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts (ver. 2)
Black Treacle
Black Treacle (ver. 2)
Black Treacle (ver. 3)
Black Treacle (ver. 4)
Brianstorm (ver. 2)
Brick By Brick
Catapult (ver. 2)
Cigarette Smoke
Cigarette Smoker Fiona
Cornerstone (ver. 2)
Crying Lightning
Crying Lightning (ver. 2)
Crying Lightning (ver. 3)
Curtains Close
Dance Little Liar
Dance Little Liar (ver. 2)
Dance Little Liar (ver. 3)
Dancing Shoes
Despair In The Departure Lounge
Despair In The Departure Lounge (ver. 2)
Diamonds Are Forever
Diamonds Are Forever (ver. 2)
Diamonds Are Forever (ver. 3)
D Is For Dangerous
Do I Wanna Know
Do I Wanna Know (ver. 2)
Do I Wanna Know (ver. 3)
Do I Wanna Know (ver. 4)
Do Me A Favour
Do Me A Favour (ver. 2)
Do Me A Favour (ver. 3)
Dont Forget Whose Legs Youre On
Dont Sit Down Cause Ive Moved Your Chair
Evil Twin
Fake Tales Of San Francisco
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (ver. 2)
Fireside (ver. 2)
Fireside (ver. 3)
Fireside (ver. 4)
Fireside (ver. 5)
Fireside (ver. 6)
Fluorescent Adolescent
Fluorescent Adolescent (ver. 2)
Fluorescent Adolescent (ver. 3)
Fluorescent Adolescent (ver. 4)
Fluorescent Adolescent (ver. 5)
Fluorescent Adolescent (ver. 6)
Fluorescent Adolescent (ver. 7)
Four Out Of Five
From The Ritz To The Rubble
Golden Trunks
Golden Trunks (ver. 2)
Hold On Were Going Home
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (ver. 2)
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (ver. 3)
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (ver. 4)
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (ver. 5)
If You Found This Its Probably Too Late
If You Were There Beware
I Wanna Be Yours
I Wanna Be Yours (ver. 2)
I Wanna Be Yours (ver. 3)
I Wanna Be Yours (ver. 4)
I Want It All
Joining The Dots
Katy On A Mission
Knee Socks
Leave Before The Lights Come On
Leave Before The Lights Come On (ver. 2)
Library Pictures
Little Illusion Machine Wirral Riddler
Love Is A Laserquest
Love Is A Laserquest (ver. 2)
Love Is A Laserquest (ver. 3)
Love Is A Laserquest (ver. 4)
Love Machine
Mad Sounds
Mad Sounds (ver. 2)
Mardy Bum
Mardy Bum (ver. 2)
Mardy Bum (ver. 3)
Mardy Bum (ver. 4)
My Propeller
No 1 Party Anthem
No 1 Party Anthem (ver. 2)
No 1 Party Anthem (ver. 3)
No 1 Party Anthem (ver. 4)
No 1 Party Anthem (ver. 5)
No 1 Party Anthem (ver. 6)
No 1 Party Anthem (ver. 7)
No 1 Party Anthem (ver. 8)
No1 Party Anthem
No Buses
No Buses (ver. 2)
No Buses (ver. 3)
No Buses (ver. 4)
No Buses (ver. 5)
Old Yellow Bricks
One For The Road
One For The Road (ver. 2)
One Point Perspective
One Point Perspective (ver. 2)
One Point Perspective (ver. 3)
Only Ones Who Know
Only Ones Who Know (ver. 2)
Only Ones Who Know (ver. 3)
Only Ones Who Know (ver. 4)
Only Ones Who Know (ver. 5)
Only You Know
On The Run From The Mi5
Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But
Piledriver Waltz
Piledriver Waltz (ver. 2)
Piledriver Waltz (ver. 3)
Piledriver Waltz (ver. 4)
Piledriver Waltz (ver. 5)
Plastic Tramp
Potion Approaching
Pretty Visitors
Probably Couldnt See For Lights
Reckless Serenade
Reckless Serenade (ver. 2)
Reckless Serenade (ver. 3)
Reckless Serenade (ver. 4)
Reckless Serenade (ver. 5)
Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured
Riot Van
Riot Van (ver. 2)
Riot Van (ver. 3)
Riot Van (ver. 4)
R U Mine
R U Mine (ver. 2)
Science Fiction
Science Fiction (ver. 2)
Secret Door
Secret Door (ver. 2)
Settle For A Draw
Settle For A Draw (ver. 2)
She Looks Like Fun
She Looks Like Fun (ver. 2)
Shes Thunderstorms
Shes Thunderstorms (ver. 2)
Shes Thunderstorms (ver. 3)
Snap Out Of It
Snap Out Of It (ver. 2)
Star Treatment
Still Take You Home
Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You
Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You (ver. 2)
Strange (ver. 2)
Suck It And See
Suck It And See (ver. 2)
Suck It And See (ver. 3)
Sun Goes Down Scummy
Teddy Picker
Teddy Picker (ver. 2)
Thats Where Youre Wrong
Thats Where Youre Wrong (ver. 2)
The Afternoons Hat
The Bad Thing
The Bad Thing (ver. 2)
The Bad Thing (ver. 3)
The Bakery
The Bakery (ver. 2)
The Bakery (ver. 3)
The Bakery (ver. 4)
The Blond-O-Sonic Shimmer Trap
The Fire And The Thud
The Fire And The Thud (ver. 2)
The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala
The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala (ver. 2)
The Jewellers Hands
The Jewellers Hands (ver. 2)
The Jewellers Hands (ver. 3)
The Jewellers Hands (ver. 4)
The Lovers
The Ultracheese
The Worlds First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip
This House Is A Circus
Too Much To Ask
Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino
Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino (ver. 2)
View From The Afternoon
View From The Afternoon (ver. 2)
View From The Afternoon (ver. 3)
Whatever People Say I Am Thats What Im Not
When The Sun Goes Down
When The Sun Goes Down (ver. 2)
When The Sun Goes Down (ver. 3)
Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys
Whyd You Only Call Me When Youre High
Whyd You Only Call Me When Youre High (ver. 2)
You Know Im No Good
You Probably Couldnt See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me
Youre So Dark
Youre So Dark (ver. 2)