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chamber pop, electronic, trip hop

Chords: G, D, Em, C
Ok, I'm pretty sure it's 100% correct. Pick the chords during the verses and strum them
during the chorus. It sounds much better with 2 guitars...


G |---7---|

--> chorus: G (779787) and/or G (320033)

D |---5---|

--> chorus: D (557775) and/or D (x00232)

Em |---3---|

--> chorus: Em (xx5453)

C |---3---|

--> chorus: C (335553) and/or C (032010)


G               D
I'm thinking of you
Em      C
In my sleep
G                D
They're not good thoughts
Em                C
The worst kind of sad
G             D
I've noticed things
Em          C
Cannot be repaired
G           D
When I wake up
Em            C
I'll be in despair

Cos I know I've got to say
I know I've got to say


G     D    Em      C
Goodbye    baby goodbye
Goodbye    baby goodbye
G              D     Em      C
You're my sweetheart goodbye
You're my sweetest   goodbye

--> continue the same way through the whole song...

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