Arcade Fire - Well And The Lighthouse Guitar Chords

Arcade Fire

alternative rock, canadian indie, chamber pop, garage rock

Song versions: 1 2 3 4
Chords: D, Fm, Gm, Bm7, F, A
the Well and the Lighthouse

Capo 1

D            Fm                  Gm
I                  am serving time
             Bm7*                D       F
all for a crime I did commit

you want the truth?
                   Bm7            D       F
you know I'd do it all again
           Gm                  Bm7          D
left for dead, heaven is only in my head

in my head, in my head
D             Fm  Bm7 D      (probably wrong but will do)
in my head, in my   head


bridge part - just also a combination of the chords maybe with an A thrown in there or 
 just play the same chords in whatever way that seems to fit the song...hah.

end part:

D      Fm      Gm          A
resurrected, living in a lighthouse
D                       Fm            Gm       D
The lions and the lambs ain't sleepin' yet

*Bm7 (224422) - correct me if i'm wrong please

I'm doing this on acoustic so I play the end bit in barred chords and an open A...most 
the song should be played in power chords though.

It's a really rough tab, so there are bound to be things I missed out, but this will 
do as far as playing along with the song goes until a more complete tab is out by someone 
is better at this!

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