Arcade Fire - Neighborhood 1 Tunnels Guitar Chords

Arcade Fire

alternative rock, canadian indie, chamber pop, garage rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: C, Cmaj7, Em7, Em, Dm, E, F, Am, A, Bb, Am7, G, G7, Cm7, A5
i kno this is similar 2 version 1... but i amde a few additions/changes...
(the intro is just my way of imitating the riff whilst playing chords.. its quite
tab for Cmaj7* and Cmaj7** and the riff are at the bottom of the page)

Capo 5th fret

INTRO: C Cmaj7* C Cmaj7**

C      Em7 C       Em  Dm
And if the snow buries my,
E    F           C
  my neighborhood.
    C             Em7  C
And if my parents are crying
          Em       Am
then I'll dig a tunnel
     E     F      C
from my window to yours,
Em       Am        E     F      C
yeah a tunnel from my window to yours.

C         Em7     C
You climb out the chimney
            Em     Am
and meet me in the middle,
    A      Bb     F
the middle of the town.
    F                    Am7  F
And since there's no one else around,
       Em            Am
we let our hair grow long
       E          F       C
and forget all we used to know,
         Em         Am
then our skin gets thicker
     E          F      C
from living out in the snow.

C                    Em
You change all the lead
C               Em
sleepin' in my head,
Am                 Em
  as the day grows dim
Am                  Em     G    G7
  I hear you sing a golden hymn.

 C Cmaj7* C Cmaj7**

C                Em7      C
Then we tried to name our babies,
          Em          Am
but we forgot all the names that,
E            F       C
the names we used to know.
    C               Em7        C
But sometimes, we remember our bedrooms,
        Em       Am
and our parent's bedrooms,
E          F            C
and the bedrooms of our friends.
C       Em           Am
Then we think of our parents,
E              F                C
well what ever happened to them?!

C                    Em
You change all the lead
C               Em
sleepin' in my head, to gold
Am                 Em
  as the day grows dim
Am                  Em     G
  I hear you sing a golden hymn.
G             G7
the song I've been trying to say.

Purify the colors, purify my mind. ]
Purify the colors, purify my mind, ]
and spread the ashes of the colors ]same as chords above...
over this heart of mine!           ]

C Cmaj7* C Cmaj7**
C Cmaj7* C Cmaj7**
Am Cm7* Am A5 Am Cm7* Am A5
G   G7
C Cmaj7* C Cmaj7**
end on C

Unusual Chords Used:
Cmaj7*  x32410
Camj7** x32000
Cm7*    x02410
A5      x02200

The (Am Cm7* Am A5) bit is once again imitating the riff... if u notice... although it
confusing... all your doing is just hammering on then pulling off fret4 on the D string,
just pulling of fret 1 on the b string. this applies for both the (Am Cm7* Am A5) bit 
the (C Cmaj7* C Cmaj7**) bit. if you find this too difficult... you can just play the c
or get a second guitar to play the following riff... or if u just wanna muck around with 

(also with capo on 5)


it can also be played like this wihtut a capo... but i find that it sounds better with a capo


this is a great song... and i hope i've done it justice.... go 2 youtube and watch them
it live! amazing!

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