Arcade Fire - Goodnight Boy Guitar Chords

Arcade Fire

alternative rock, canadian indie, chamber pop, garage rock

Chords: Am, Am/C, D, G, Bm, Em, C, Gmaj7, E, GMaj7
Hey everyone.  This is my first attempt at a tab, so, gather what you will from that.
is a great song and it's a shame that you cannot find this tab anywhere.  So here goes.
free to update this as there are probably some things missing.   I don't know if these 
the right chord voicings, but they sound ok, at least when you are playing on your own.

This is in 3/4

Am     X02210
Am/C   X32210
D      XX0232
G      320033
Bm     X24432
Em     022000
C      X30210
Gmaj7  xx0032
E      022100

|Am          |Am/C      |D        |D      |
The story I.. wrote as a kid.....

|G            |Bm         |Em      |Em     |
So yea...     I felt so   scared

|Am          |Am/C          |D        |D      |
Watching the  flames crayon  red...

|D           |D             |

|G           |Bm            |C         |Bm
This....      Kid....        Hung on me too

 |Am         |D            |
So I had to   hide in a

|G             |Bm         |C           |Bm
 Church...Just me..........and the town..mayor

|Am           |D          |
and his son who was handi-

|G            |Bm         |Em         |Em     |
capped     who wouldn't be quiet...     unless

|Am          |Am/C          |D        |D      |
his dad would sing him

|G            |Bm         |Em      |Em     |
So yea...     It wasn't    long        before

|Am            |Am/C          |D        |D      |
they found out just where we   were....

|D        |D       |

|C        |C       |C       |C       |
I wasn't mad......     at that kid at

|G        |G       |G       |G       |
All....                       I just..

|C        |C       |C       |C       |
Felt so sad....when his dad said...

|G        |GMaj7    |G         |Gmaj7
Goodnight Boy.....  Go to sleep Boy

|E         |Bm       |E         |E
Shutup... Boy ....for me

|G        |GMaj7    |G         |Gmaj7
Goodnight Boy.....  Go to sleep Boy

|G        |GMaj7    |Em        |Em
Shutup....Boy.......for me

He repeats the last 8 measures a few times and ends on G with "The troops rush in."

There you go.  When I play it alone on guitar I substitute a D/F# for the Gmaj7...It
sounds better...he might actually play something different at that part, it's hard to tell
the organ over it.

Anyways, enjoy!

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