Aquelarre Guitar Chords



Argentinean progressive rock band Aquelarre got involved in the local music scene in March of 1972 while performing at a local venue, releasing a self-titled album that same year. In 1973, "Violencia en el Parque" became one of the band's best compositions. In 1975, the group moved to Spain, where Aquelarre settled down temporarily, performing and even participating in a local compilation of rock songs. Two years later, due to internal differences, Aquelarre gave up, playing for the last time at Buenos Aires' Luna Park, with Carlos Cutaia replacing Hugo González Neira on keyboards. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi
Genres: argentine rock

Guitar Chords:

Aventura En El Árbol
Cantemos Tu Nombre
Canto Cetrino
Ceremonias Para Disolver
Pájaro De La Locura
Silencio Marginal
Violencia En El Parque
Yo Seré El Animal, Vos Serás Mi Dueño