Aqua - Good Morning Sunshine Guitar Chords


bubblegum dance, dance pop, eurodance, europop

Chords: Dm, C, Bb, Gm, F, Am, Eb, Bbm
Intro:Dm C Bb Gm


Dm                  C                      Bb
 When the sun is up,  on a clear blue sky,

            Gm            Dm                     C
 you will act like a lover  When the sky is grey,

                        Bb           Gm  
 and the rain comes down,  you will run for cover

 Dm           C                  Bb 
 Feel the heat, come out of cold,
 and your arm is touching me


F                            Am
Good morning sunshine, you're my only light

Eb                  Bb        Bbm                   Eb
lying with me by my side, you keep me warm all day

Just stay with me

F                              Am
Good morning sunshine, be with me all day
      Eb                         Bb           Gm
Just don't let the rain pass you by When it's cloudy and windy

        Am                     Bb                   Bbm
and the snowflakes arrive, you somehow just make me,

make me feel I'm alive

During the rap play Gm fot one measure then and C for one measure

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