Appleton Guitar Chords



Stevie Appleton combines a duel love of singer-songwriters with the production value of dance to mine an entirely new sound altogether. His new single, Supposed To Do, falls right in the sweet spot of organic and electronic – a three-minute pop record that announces the young musician as a force to be reckoned with in 2018.

In a similar tale to Ministry of Sound and indie three-piece London Grammar, Stevie was discovered by Spinnin’ Records. In a further twist, he was placed on the radar of Warner Bros. Records when Spinnin’ was acquired by the prestigious major in September of last year. The clincher was new single Supposed To Do – a propulsive, bass-driven groove, written over a vintage drum break. Warner loved the track so much they decided to release it themselves.

You get the impression Stevie could go in any direction he wants. A complete 360 artist, he describes how, even back when he was listening to artists such as Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz, he was still going to down to legendary London nightclub Fabric and getting off to drum and bass every night. All he needed was a chance encounter for the disparate pieces of his personality to fall into place.

“I’ve always been into creating a marriage between these two genres,” he continues. “So I just thought – why not? I’m doing something that I love.”

Guitar Chords:

Dont Worry
Dont Worry (ver. 2)
Dont Worry (ver. 3)