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Apoptygma Berzerk


Norwegian electronic band Apoptygma Berzerk (“APOP” or "APB" for short), founded by Stephan Groth in 1989, has enjoyed a successful recording career since the early '90s. With seven studio albums, three live albums, numerous singles and EPs, and an impressive catalog of remixes for other well-known artists, APOP has demonstrated a vast and varied musical palette inspired by all eras of alternative music history. A purposefully adventurous and ambitious project, APOP has explored, expanded, and reconstructed all styles within the electronic genre utilizing an always evolving crew and assortment of musical partners. The only constant is that there is no constant, and any APOP fan knows to expect the unexpected by now! APOP marches on, and all you'll ever know is that it will be electronica, but not as we usually know it...
Genres: aggrotech, dark wave, ebm, electro-industrial, futurepop, industrial metal

Guitar Chords:

Asleep Or Awake
In This Together
Kathys Song
Kathys Song Come Lie Next To Me
Love Never Dies Part 2
Love To Blame
Non Stop Violence
Suffer In Silence
Until The End Of The World