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Stemming from the idyllic Italian island of Sardinia, this serious Future Funker known as Android Apartment (and Alberto Rojch to friends) grew up influenced by the sea, the sunshine, and an eclectic mix of genres.
As a teenager he formed a rap clique in his hometown by the name of Traguardi di Speranza (Hope’s Goals) before getting distracted by skateboards, girls, and roller blades. In his early twenties he became a self-proclaimed screamo kid and emo warrior of sorts: he was in deep too, playing guitar in a band Il Mare Di Ross – named after a bottomless lake with all kinds of mysterious creatures at its depths – and he is still, to this day, an avid collector of screamo vinyl.
From day one of his 2015 debut, Android Apartment burst on to the Future Funk scene and has remained in the limelight with an incredible, versatile and delectable onslaught of epic nu disco tracks and awesome re-edits. Averaging three tracks a month, they are rumours that he never sees the true light of day and, somehow, Alberto survives on a strict diet of Japanese disco samples, noodles, fruit shakes, nostalgic loops, and double espressos. But these are merely rumours which sadly couldn’t be confirmed at time of press...

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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/android-apartment
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AndroidApartment
Bandcamp: android-apartment.bandcamp.com
Twitter: twitter.com/SadAndroid_chan

Genres: future funk, vaporwave

Guitar Chords:

Fall Into Place
Fall Into Place (ver. 2)
Fall Into Place (ver. 3)