Any Trouble - Second Choice Guitar Chords

Any Trouble

power pop, pub rock

Chords: G, C, D, Em
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From: (Roy M. Randall)
Subject: CRD: Second Choice - Any Trouble

Clive Gregson, 1980

     G             C           D               C     G  C  D  C
You begin your education on a nursery school floor
     G              C              D         C     G  C  D  C
Now you're a little older and you want some more
G               C             D            C    G  C  D  C
Everything you say and do is wasted on my ears
G                 C           D                C     G  C  D
Soon it'll be to late for me turning back the years

	                        G   C  D
	A simple life is all I need
	              C           G             C     D
	Two shots of fantasy and one of make-believe
	          C                Em           D
	I never tried too hard to make this succeed
	C                D          G  C   D
	You're the only one I need
	                          G        C     D
	I never felt the need to cry or rejoice
	         C                G        C     D
	I never felt the need to raise my voice
	        C           Em          D
	I only wanted to be one of the boys
	C                D             G   C   D
	Now you made me second choice

Now look behind you, baby, well, he's doing it again
He is going to get you but he won't say when
Stop, look and listen when you open up your door
Or he'll be in there with you, you'll be lying on the floor

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