Antônio Carlos Jobim - One Note Samba Guitar Chords

Antônio Carlos Jobim

bossa nova, latin classical, mpb, samba

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: Bm7, Bb7, Am11, Ab7b5, G7sus, Gaug, Cmaj7, F9, Am7, Abmaj7, G, Cm7, Bbmaj7, Bb6, Bbm7, Eb9, Abm7, Am7b5
This version is from the 1960's instrumental recording of Jobim, featuring Creed Taylor. 
The words are shown
here to help indicate space and timing for the guitar chords. The proper chord voicing 
is essential for the
song to have the right 'feel'. To that end, I have also tabbed the chords. These chord 
positions allow for
either rhythm playing, as on the record, or solo guitar, simply adding the one note 
melody to the existing

[Verse 1]

     Bm7               Bb7
This is just a little samba
     Am11             Ab7b5
Built upon a single note.
     Bm7                Bb7
Other notes are bound to follow
     Am11               Ab7b5
But the root is still that note.
     G7sus                Gaug 
Now this new one is the consequence
     Cmaj7                 F9
Of the one we've just been through
     Bm7       Bb7      Am7        Abmaj7         Am11  Ab7b5    G
As I'm bound to be the unavoidable consequence of you.


There's so many people who can
Talk and talk and talk
               Bbmaj7   Bb6     Bbmaj7    Bb6
And just say nothing or nearly nothing
I have used up all the scale I know
And at the end
               Abmaj7  Abm7         Am7b5   Ab7b5
I've come to nothing or nearly nothing

[Verse 2]

      Bm7                   Bb7
So I came back to my first note
      Am11              Ab7b5
As I must come back to you
      Bm7                  Bb7
I will pour into that one note
      Am11               Ab7b5
All the love I feel for you.
      G7sus                Gaug
Anyone who wants the whole show
     Cmaj7         F9
Re mi fa sol la si do
     Bm7     Bb7          Am7     Abmaj7               Am11 Ab7b5   G
He will find himself with no show Better play the note you know.

(Repeat and end)

Chord Tablature

    Bm7    Bb7    Am11  Ab7b5  G7sus   Gaug   Cmaj7   F9     Cm7    Am7   Abmaj7  Bbmaj7  Bb6

   Bbm7    Eb9    Abm7   Am7b5   G

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