Anton Barbeau - Drug Free Guitar Chords

Anton Barbeau

underground power pop

Chords: C, D, F, E
C            D
woke up this morning
F             E
first thing i see'd
C           D
two sets of FBeyeballs
F               E
looking back at me
C             D
one asked the other
F            E
"is this the guy?"
C               D              F               E
next thing, i'm in a plane and learning how to fly
C         D 
drug free (drug free)
C         D
drug free (drug free)

C           D              F         E
went to the doctor with my head in a sling
C            D                 F            E
i'd lost the will to write, to strum and to sing
C          D                F            E
he gave me something for my tooth and my jaw
C            D
prescription bubblegum
F               E
open up and say "aah" 
C         D
drug free (drug free)
F         E
drug free (drug free)

(piano solo. same chord structure)

C           D   F         E
i'm in a field, i'm in a cloud
C         D
i'm in a fashion show
    F                E
i'm messed up pretty loud
C              D
where's my companion
F                   E
i've got to ask her "hey"
C              D
"how much of this is real?"
    F                  E
and how much would she say...
    C         D
is drug free? (drug free)
F         E
drug free (drug free)

*listen to song for timings

  E      F      D      C
E-0--  E-1--  E-3--  E-0--
A-0--  A-2--  A-2--  A-1--
D-1--  D-3--  D-3--  D-0--
G-2--  G-3--  G-0--  G-2--
B-2--  B-x--  B-0--  B-3--
e-0--  e-x--  e-x--  e-x--

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