Antioch College Worship - Unshakeable Guitar Chords

Antioch College Worship

anthem worship

Chords: G, C, D, Em
Our Father sent his son

To adopt us through his blood
We're sons and daughters

We'll never be orphans again

With a mighty jealous love

Our Father fights for us
We're children of the King

We'll never be orphans

C           G
Your love has overcome
D          Em
You are victorious
C           G
Forever children of god
D         Em       C       G
We are unshakeable
D         Em
We are unshakeable

C G D Em

C                          G       D
We are the children of the King of Kings
C                           G    D 
No longer orphans now we're royalty
C                             G      D
You are our Father and you've set us free
We're caught up in your love
         G              D
We're caught up in your love

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