Anti-Flag - Welcome To 1984 Guitar Chords


melodic hardcore, pop punk, punk, ska punk

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: Am, B, C, G, F
Alright so this song is Welcome to 1984 by Anti-Flag(the best punk band ever) 

Am                          B         C     B
Who would Jesus bomb? Yeah, who would Jesus kill?
C                       B  G
The double talk is past surreal
Am                         B       C       B
The word of god is now the word of hate
C                         B      G
War is peace, and freedom is the police state

C                                Am    C    Am   G
Can't you see the writing on the wall?
C                              G
Democracy lays trampled on the floor...

You better believe that...

Am        F      C                             Am                 
Hell yeah I'm confused for sure what I thought was the 
    F                C
New Millennium is 1984
    Am              F                   C             G
Mr. Orwell from the grave, adding fresh ink to the page
       Am          F                   C  B         G
As the unpresident declares an endless war...

Welcome to 1984

Pre-verse: Am F C G ,Am F C B G

           Am         B      C         B
Feels like Nazi Germany, and Hitler on TV,
       C                 B          G
As the unpresident spews homophobic speech
          Am                     B  C                  B
Didnt the Allies fought a war to end extremist fascist law
           C                        B        G
So tell me now what the fuck are we fighting for?


C                         Am  C  Am   G
I just can not take it anymore
C                              G
Democracy lays trampled on the floor...
*stop*             G
Man, isn't freedom great



Now we've got...

C                G                   Am    
Armies of peace, armed to the teeth, delivering death to make the
B              C
world a better place
So celebrate the weapons spending, say a toast to Armageddon, raise some hell
*stop*                   G
We're headed straight to hell


End on A minor

All right thats all folks (peace love unity) any questions just email me at 

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