Anthony Hamilton - Sista Big Bones Guitar Chords

Anthony Hamilton

dance pop, neo soul, new jack swing, quiet storm

Chords: C, Asus4, Am
Lady Longting


[Verse 1]
C                                        Asus4                        Am
Some day I'll be walkin along and you'll step on the scene where I'll be,
       C                                     Asus4
hopefully you'll touched by my charm and the words of the song will lead the
C                                                    Asus4
bright eyes, and thangs, dark hair, earrings, just a few of the things i like
about you

Sista Big bones,
can a brotha walk you home,
look like a plate of neck bones,
i'd like to keep your body warm

[Verse 2]
Frankly, i admire your style, how you go into work everyday,
confidence in your walk in your stride, have my nose open wide miss thang, I'd like to 
you on a nice day shoot some riddles have
some vittles with you, make no mistake, I'll be a gentleman take your coat open doors 
I'll do


I'd like to dance with you
hold hands, and walk with you, sing songs, and stare at you, miss thang, miss thang

[Chorus - Repeat]

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