Anthony Hamilton - Cornbread Fish And Collard Greens Guitar Chords

Anthony Hamilton

dance pop, neo soul, new jack swing, quiet storm

Chords: Gm, Dm, C
Lady Longting

[Ad libs]

[Verse 1]
I knew just what I had to be
When I heard you say what you said to me
To every dude in sight
Look like you working up an appetite for the night, check it
By then I just sat at the back
Peeping you out, the way you act
Can't restrain your tact
Getting out of line
And I make you get back in your place 
All is well and all is cool
Stay in your place, don't be no fool
We get along alright
You look like the type that would try to fight
Best top been a friend to me, 
you don't want to just up and leave
Better play it cool
Don't know what I might do

Cornbread, fish, and collard greens
I got just what you need
If you want it (cause I'm pimp, girl)
If you want it (I'm a pimp, girl)
Cornbread, fish, and collard greens
I got just what you need (what you need)
If you want it (I can rock your world)
If you want it (I'm bigger juice than jheri curl)

[Verse 2]
Now tell me do you really think
You can walk around like your shit don't stink
I'm on to you
Oh baby girl, I'm on to you (I'm watching you)
Take it slow, change your speed
If it's food for thought that you really need
Better stake your claim, get with it
Stay in your lane, stop swerving
Take a seat, sit in the back
I don't appreciate the way you act
You need to fix yourself, hurry up and go fix yourself
Can't do nothing, won't nothin' now
Everything's gonna pass you by
Better wisen up (wisen up)
Stop pressin' on love

[Chorus x2]

Gm                     Dm                               Gm
If you let me take you there, (come on and get it right now)
Anything that you want, just come and get it.

[Chorus until end]

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