Anouk - Time Is A Jailer Guitar Chords


dutch pop, dutch rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Am, F, C, B, E7, E, A, Dm, G, B7
--Anouk's "Time is a jailer"--

Great song and easy to play. 
Here it is:

Verse 1:

Am   F   C   B dim 7/E7   E   E   Am   A

Dm   G   C   E   Am+F#/Am+F   E   Am   E

Verse 2:

Exactly the same, but then don't use the final E, you just keep the Am

Verse 3:

F   B7   Dm   E

Let me explain what Anouk does in the first and the second verse:
After the Am, F, and C, she picks the strings in the following way:

x      x      x      x      x      x
x      x      1      x      x      0
x      2      x      x      1      x
1      x      x      x      x      x
x      x      x      0h2    x      x
x      x      x      x      x      x

As you can see, this changes from an Bdim7(?) into an E7 or E, I don't know how to write it
down, that's why I wrote it down as Bdim7/E7, but don't play these as chords , that doesn't
sound right. 

Anouk plays the A at the end of the first line in verse 1 and 2 in the following way:

x      x      0      x
2      3      2      2
2      2      2      2
2      2      x      2      and then Dm
x      x      x      x
x      x      x      x

The song is in 3/4 time, but she does those 4 strums in 2 bars.

With Am+F#/Am+F I mean the following:
After the E she plays this:

x      x      x      x      x      x
x      x      1      x      x      1
x      2      x      x      2      x
x      x      x      x      x      x   and then E
x      x      x      x      x      x
2      x      x      1      x      x

As you might notice in the intro, she uses this as well: She starts off with Am, then
goes to F, then she does what I did above, changes to an E, and then returns to the Am,
so: Am, F, Am+F#/Am+F, E, Am (=start of verse 1).

It is easy to find out how she plays the other chords and in what order she picks the
strings, just listen, play along, and you'll get it in no time.

Probably not everything is correct and I know that I'm still missing a few parts, but
I'm sure that most of it is accurate. And if you find any improvements, PLEASE send
them to me! ->, thanks!



August 1 '05: I just edited a few things after receiving an email with a few great suggestions.
Thank you Frank!

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