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Anorimoi is a comedy metal band from Athens, Greece.
They started out in 1993 with hardly any but basic knowledge of music or anything at all. At some point the inevitability of eventual musical enlightenment drove Anorimoi to record some real music, like "Pappous: the rock opera" which was offered for free via the band's website (
Then came the first commercial Anorimoi release, "Kings of Feta" (2005), via Steel Legacy records, followed by an EP called "O Panischiros Megistanas Ton Ninja".
Warner Music Greece liked the EP -a mystery yet to be resolved-, and offered a deal to the band who then released "17 Katsarides" (2008) and "Kala na patheis" (2009) via WMG.
Which is when Greece blew up in crisis, CDs became irrelevant cause they cost more than milk blah blah, long story short, Anorimoi released "Apovlakocic" (2013), probably their most well-received album to date, on their own. Oh, there was also a live DVD at some point, most probably 2011. And some acoustic version singles and music videos and all that crap bands do when they don't have new songs coming out. New album is scheduled to come out around the end of 2017. We DID say "around". Stop the madness.
The band has been touring around Greece and Cyprus for the past 10 years, spreading death, destruction and bad bad jokes upon the unsuspecting audience. Why are they still unsuspecting after all this time?

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