Annette Moreno Guitar Chords

Annette Moreno


Annette Moreno has built a musical career with a quality and sincerity that has characterized her. She has known how to bare the soul and to count with words simple and deep what in the soul it loads.

Thanks to her characteristic voice, she has managed to win countless followers throughout Latin America, and her music has also been able to reach the old European continent.

American born and with Mexican roots, thanks to her parents who formed a mariachi along with her 11 brothers and sisters, when she was still a little girl, Annette has in her a perfect blend of style, between Latin and Anglo.

With her album "Un Angel Llora" released in 2001, she took her to the Latin Grammy nomination, from whose album great hits such as "Bajate de la canoa", "Complicado", "Un Angel Llora","Guardian De Mi Corazon."

In 2004 she was invited to be part of the soundtrack of the controversial film "Un Dia Sin Mexicanos" (A Day Without A Mexican) where she was able to show more of her Anglo-Saxon roots, interpreting the theme "California Dreaming". A year later she was invited by the Mexican director Paco del Toro to be part of the soundtrack of the successful Mexican film "Cicatrices" awarded with a "Diosa de Plata."

Annette has also won other awards and nominations such as Arpa Awards, Life Awards, La Conquista Awards, People's Prize, Musical Link Awards, Among Others.

Her successful albums prompted tours in several countries such as Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and the United States.
Genres: latin christian

Guitar Chords:

Ahora Quiero
Ahora Quiero (ver. 2)
Amor Amor Amor
Amor Amor Amor (ver. 2)
Angel Guardián
Así Es La Vida
Ayúdame A Vivir
Bajate De La Canoa
Bajate De La Canoa (ver. 2)
Barco De Papel
Barco De Papel (ver. 2)
Cerca De Tí
Cicatrices (ver. 2)
Como Olvidarme De Tí
Complicado (ver. 2)
Con Que Cara
Corazón De Piedra
Corazón De Piedra (ver. 2)
Corazón Lunatico
Cristo En Tu Vida
Cristo En Tu Vida (ver. 2)
El Amor Que Me Das
El Amor Que Me Das (ver. 2)
El Tiempo Pasa
Eres Lindo
Es Un Sueño
Guardian De Mi Corazón
Guardian De Mi Corazón (ver. 2)
Hacia La Cruz
Invierno En El Desierto
Jardín De Rosas
Llego El Amor A Mí
Los Hombres Si Lloran
Me Amas
Me Amas (ver. 2)
Me Diste Una Razón
Me Lastima El Corazón
Mi Pasión
Miserable De Mí
Navidad De Cristal
Navidad De Cristal (ver. 2)
No Es Dificil
No Es Dificil (ver. 2)
No Le Digas
No Le Digas (ver. 2)
No Me Dejarás
No Me Importa
No Puedo Vivir Sin Tí
No Quiero Regresar
No Quiero Regresar (ver. 2)
Por Conocerte
Por Conocerte (ver. 2)
Prende La Luz
Principe Azul
Que Chevere El Amor
Que Viste En Mí
Quiébrame El Corazón
Quien Soy Yo
Rompecabezas (ver. 2)
Ruleta Rusa
Ruleta Rusa (ver. 2)
Si No Estás
Sonrisa Al Revés
Te He Lastimado
Tiempo De Dar
Toda Mi Vida
Tu Fortuna
Tus Rosas
Tus Rosas (ver. 2)
Un Angel Llora
Veo Tu Sonrisa
Vida Lunática
Volar Libre
Voy A Llegar A Tí
Yo Te Quiero