Annette Hanshaw - Lovable And Sweet Guitar Chords

Annette Hanshaw

big band, cabaret, christmas, vintage jazz

Chords: Eb, C7, F, F7, Bb, Eb7, Ab, Abm, Bb7, Bb11

Lyrics:Sidney Clare
Music: Oscar Levant

This is based on the insanely chirpy Annette Hanshaw version of about 1929 with the doodly doos and so on 
retained in the lyrics. The chords...well, they're an approximation. There's probably about 20 missing but 
they're mostly jazzy passing chord fill sort of things. Perhaps someone slightly more jazz-enabled than I might 
do an improvement at some stage. If you're trying to play along with the recording incidentally, 
you'll need to transpose up 4 semi-tones. The below is just what I do and Annette sang a little higher than me. 
Happy plunking.


Eb C7 F F7
Bb Eb Bb Eb Bb


Eb              Eb7
Da dum ba dum, da dum ba dum,

Ab              Abm
I'm not lonely, da dum ba dum,

F7                Bb7                Eb  Bb
I got a real man, What an ideal man, now!

Eb             Eb7
Da dum ba dum, da dum ba dum,

Ab           Abm
He's my only da dum ba dum!

F7                                 Bb            
Person I love, has all of my love, and how!


Eb              C7             F                F7
Talk about your classic lover, and you couldn't help discover,

Bb7                            Eb     Bb11 Bb
That he's that way lovable and sweet, he's candy!

Eb              C7                F                F7
Has he got the arms to thrill ya, lips that seem to whisper will ya?

Bb                            Eb           Bb  Eb
And he's that way lovable and six feet two with eyes of blue.

Middle 8:

Bb Eb                           
Oh gee! Oh gosh! Whenever we're all alone,

C7                       F                      Bb
Oh gosh and Oh gee! What happened to simply too good to be known?


Eb              C7             F         F7
Bubblin' over with affection, satisfyin' to perfection,

Bb7                        Eb    
Is he that way lovable and sweet!

(inst. break refrain pattern)

Eb              C7             F             F7
Talk about your nifty dresser! What a lover, some caresser!

Bb                         Eb    Bb11  Bb
Is he that way lovabubble and doo doo doodle doodle doo doodle doo

Eb              C7               F             F7
Do I know just what I'm gettin', When it comes to real live pettin'?

Bb                     Eb      Bb      Eb
Is he that way he's so badadum badadum badoodle doodle doo

Middle 8:

Bb Eb
His touch is such that I simply lose control

C7                          F                         Bb
His kiss, oh what bliss! It weakens the heart, but it strengthens the soul!


Eb              C7             F         F7
And although he's such a nice man, could he out-love any iceman?

Yes, he's that way he's so...

Eb        Bb          Eb
He's very lovable and oh so sweet! 

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