Anne Murray - Somebodys Always Saying Goodbye Guitar Chords

Anne Murray

adult standards, bubblegum pop, canadian country, canadian pop

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Chords: G, G7, C, Am, D7, Em
G                G7              C                      Am
Railroad station midnight trains lonely airports in the rain

    G                                         D7
And somebody stands there with tears in their eyes

G                       G7
It's the same old scene time after time

C                       Am          G                 D7         G
That's the trouble with all mankind somebody's always saying goodbye 

          G7                 C                    Am
Taxi cabs leave in the night greyhound buses with red tail lights
G                                    D7
Someone's leaving and someone's left behind 

G                     G7
Well I don't know how things got that way 

C               Am                  G                 D7         G    G7
But every place you look these days somebody's always saying goodbye

Take two people like me and you
We could have made it we just quit too soon 

Em                        G               C            D7
Oh the two of us we could have had it all if we'd only tried
G                  G7
But that's the way love is it seems 

C                    Am                G                 D7         G  C
Just when you've got a real good thing somebody's always saying goodbye

G                 D7         G
Somebody's always saying goodbye

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